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Boost leads 20-35% with Web Callback, a simple Call Tracking tool

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To get web visits, you can spend a fortune on content production and social programs to drive organic visits to your website, or you can buy eyeballs with ad spend. Either way, a visitor to your site is gold, but how do you turn your website browser into a web lead? Keep reading to learn how a simple and effective call tracking feature from iovox, Web Callback, can make all the difference. If you have a website, this feature is for you.

According to BrightEdge Research, B2B companies generate twice as much revenue from organic search than any other channel. As a marketer, you already know that getting people to your site is a big part of your job, and that turning a web visitor into a lead is no small task. Your content has to be compelling, your imagery vivid, and most importantly you’ve got to have a simple way for a web visitor to engage with your brand on their terms.

Many companies use web forms as a source of lead capture, but when the purchase consideration is high or the topic is important (think homes, cars, insurance, medical appointments, and so on), the phone becomes the go-to next step. Sixty-five percent of web visitors prefer a phone call over a web form.

This is where Web Callback from iovox comes into play.

Similar to click to call, Web Callback is a button on your website that allows a visitor to get a call back from your company. It’s that simple.

iovox Web Callback request

Once implemented, anyone browsing your website can be presented with a button to request a call back from a member of your team. When the visitor clicks the callback button, they enter their phone number and press submit. The Web Callback service then instantly connects the two sides of the call; a person from your team and your website visitor.

*Our service offers you the option to automatically call the visitor back at the indicated callback time, or, have the system send you lists on a daily basis for you to schedule return calls.

The benefit to the web visitor is that they are in control of the calling process. This is a much better experience than calling into a busy call center and waiting in queue until an agent becomes available. Your company may have great hold music, but most people don’t like waiting. Web Callback puts the control back in the hands of your web visitor, making for a significantly more positive experience when you do connect.

An important statistic from one of our customers, is that they saw a 15% reduction in abandon rates in their call center data when they implemented Web Callback. With Web Callback, customers and prospects are served on their terms and satisfaction scores improved by 88%. Hard to argue with those kinds of numbers from real world examples.

iovox Web Callback benefits

Better Service AND More Web Leads

Not only does Web Callback from iovox add a new method of engagement to your website, it can also increase the number of web leads you generate overall. In fact, several iovox customers have experienced a 20-35% increase in web leads from the same volume of web traffic once the Web Callback feature was implemented.

You’ll be a hero if for the same marketing spend, you’ve increased web leads 20-35%.

iovox Web Callback superhero

Web Callback is simple to set up. Here’s how it works.

iovox Web Callback flow diagram

You control when Web Callback is presented to your website visitors.
During setup, you have the flexibility to define the times of day and days of the week that your Web Callback button is active for immediate call backs. When no one is available to initiate a call, the form will automatically revert to a standard form-fill with lead capturing information.

Web Callback from iovox

Does Web Callback fit your business? If you have a website, the answer is YES!

Most companies have a website for one reason: to help generate sales. Whether you’re a 1-person consulting shop or a 1,000-person enterprise software company, Web Callback is right for you. It’s a simple way for your website visitors to become qualified web leads by giving them the power of engagement.

Web Callback options

Are you already using different forms of call tracking with another provider? No problem.

The implementation of Web Callback from iovox is simple and will not interrupt any services you use with other call tracking providers. We currently have several customers that use Web Callback from iovox alongside call tracking services from other companies. You have nothing to switch out or worry about issues related to implementation of Web Callback alongside your existing call tracking services.

You may be happy with the number of web leads you’re generating, but if you want to explore whether you can increase your web leads 20-35% or improve customer satisfaction by upwards of 88%, let’s talk.

Connect with our friendly experts for a free consultation today and let us show you how easy it is to implement Web Callback from iovox into your marketing tech stack.

Send us an email at hello@iovox.com or give us a call toll-free from within the US at +1 888 369 9519.

From outside the US please reach us at one of these numbers:

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