Why Call Tracking is Essential to Marketing

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Imagine the head of marketing for a business who spends thousands of dollars each month on paid search but doesn’t track landing page clicks, leads collected, or sales generated online. In 2017 you would probably think that this person does not exist. Tracking these metrics seems so obvious that it’s hardly even worth mentioning.

Now imagine another head of marketing for a similar company that does track every click, lead and sale generated online but doesn’t track any call related activity from their paid marketing efforts. This scenario seems far more believable and you probably know many businesses that track everything imaginable but forgets about calls.

You might feel differently about the two businesses above but not tracking calls is as bad as not tracking clicks, leads or any other metric.

High Quality Leads Exist Offline

The fact is that for the vast majority of businesses, no matter how online they are and how sophisticated their online presence appears to be, a huge chunk of sales and revenue will originate from consumers going offline which in many cases means making a call to the business. Consumers call for a myriad of reasons. Maybe they can’t find the answer to a specific question on the website. Maybe their credit card is not working on the checkout page. Or maybe they just don’t want to share their contact information out of fear of being sent a bunch of spam in the future.

Whatever the reason, many of these calls started with a consumer clicking on a paid ad and ends up with a sale over the phone. If these interactions are left untracked, the marketing function for the business is not doing their job properly. Call tracking hasn’t been around as long as click tracking, but in 2017 there is no excuse for any business running paid marketing activity not to be tracking calls.

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